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Explort Liban. Approche Culturelle du Marché Libanais


Brussels – 20 March 2013

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A combination of informative presentations delivered by experts from the Lebanese embassy and the Walloon Export Agency (AWEX), testimonials by Belgian business people with years of experience in the Lebanese market, and fruitful discussions initiated by the questions of participants interested to develop activities in Lebanon: behold the perfect recipe for a fruitful seminar on doing business in the cedar country. Speakers at the two-day seminar organized by AWEX and CIWB included Mr. Philippe Suinen, CEO of AWEX, Mrs. Halima Amrani, First Coordination Attaché at the Africa and Near and Far East Service of AWEX, Mr. Waël Hachem, Secretary at the Lebanese Embassy in Brussels, Mr. François-Xavier Gohy, Director of Climatech and Mr. Ben Van Gorp, Sales Director at Belgian Fibers Manufacturing.

The ABLCC participated with Secretary General Mr. Hijazin delivering a presentation on the opportunities present in the Lebanese market as well as on the evolution of the country’s relations with its regional environment.

During the second day of the seminar, which took place at Liège, AWEX welcomed Mrs. Nada Abdul Rahim, Economic and Commercial Ataché of AWEX in Beirut, Sociologist and Political Scientist Professor Rudolf El-Kareh, Mr. Sélim Haddad, Commercial Director at ABLCC member Byblos Bank Europe, Mr. Stéphane Romans, in charge of Financial Incentives Management at AWEX and Mr. Jean Tondeur, Professor at the HEC/ULg Management School of Liège.

Want to know more about doing business in Lebanon?
Don’t forget to read the article on exploring the Lebanese market by Mrs. Nada Abdul Rahim, Economic and Commercial Attaché of AWEX in Beirut, to be published in the April edition of the ABLCC newsletter.

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