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ABLCC Board of Directors Meeting and Lunch Conference : “Relations between Belgium, Luxembourg and the Arab Countries: New Prospects”


Brussels – 14 November 2013

ablcc bod-meeting 01H.E. Ambassador Samir Addahre, Dean of the Arab Diplomatic Corps

After the conclusion of the ABLCC Board of Directors meeting, during which the Board Members were pleased to establish that the Chamber enjoys a sound financial situation which allows it to undertake an increasing number of activities, Secretary-General Mr. Qaisar Hijazin opened the lunch conference by assuring ABLCC members of the Chamber’s continuous engagement in offering them a range of high quality services which are regularly evaluated according to their needs. Before leaving the floor to H.E. Mr.Samir Addahre, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Belgium, who was congratulated with his recent appointment as Dean of the Arab Diplomatic Corps in Belgium, the Secretary General encouraged all members to take very seriously the standard phrase “don’t hesitate to contact us” often used in ABLCC correspondence.

Mr. Addahre started out his presentation by examining trade relations between Belgium and Luxembourg on the one hand, and the Arab world on the other. Noting a positive evolution of exports to Arab countries from Belgium (increase of 11% in 2012 compared to 2011) and Luxembourg, (increase of 8%), the ambassador noted that Belgium realized a particularly important evolution in terms of exports to Oman (increase of 113%), Libya (178%) and Yemen (133%).  

ablcc bod-meeting 02Flrt: Their Excellencies Ambassadors Mr. Al Humaimidi (Iraq), Mr. Adami (Arab League), Mr. Fidail (Sudan), SG of the ABLCC Mr. Hijazin, H.E. Mr. Trad (Saudi Arabia), H.E. Mr. Addahre (Morocco) and H.E. Mr. Al-Zou’bi (Jordan).

The dean also directed his attention to the imports coming from Arab countries, where he established a low evolution. He specified that imports of Belgium in transport equipment knew a three-digit evolution (322% between 2011 and 2012), while other products, most notably animal and food-processing products, witnessed a clear regression. According to the Ambassador, Bahrain was one of the countries that succeeded in giving a firm boost to exports towards Belgium, as it was able to book a 548% increase over the same period.

Although Mr. Addahre sees ample reason to be delighted with the quality of relations existing between both regions, he hoped to be able to further develop ties on economic and political levels through a deepening of political dialogues, which should result in “more mergers of points of view, to tackle the transverse problems we are facing”. According to the Ambassador, this challenge should be confronted through supporting the modernization processes which are currently being set up in several Arab countries, as well as through the promotion of common values.

On his turn, the Ambassador also concluded his presentation by assuring all ABLCC members they would find a willing ear with the Arab diplomatic corps for all their questions relating to Arab countries.

ablcc bod-meeting 03